Mobility Voucher Program (MVP)

The Mobility Voucher Program (MVP) helps seniors and persons with disabilities that can not drive themselves have better access to medical appointments.  The program can pay a driver of your choice $.40/per mile to take you to medical appointments or to get food.

Who qualifies?

Individuals with disabilities, seniors, and others who can not drive themselves.  This may also include people who live outside of the CVTD or UTA paratransit service areas or those who can not access those services.  


Approved trips include:

  • Medical appointments

  • Dental or eye doctor visits

  • Physical therapy

  • Wound clinic visits

  • Trip to the pharmacy

  • Dialysis

  • Lab work visits

  • Mental health appointments

  • Minor surgeries

  • Other medical related-trips

  • Grocery store, food pantry or LDS Bishop's storehouse

How to apply

Contact Jenny Rodriguez at Bear River Association of Governments to see if you qualify for the program at 435-713-1449.

Thank you to our generous donors for providing funding for much needed medical trips for seniors and persons with disabilities in our rural areas:

  • Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD)

  • Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services

  • Schreiber Foods